2550 Kiowa Blvd. North, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Our Mission

is to live our truth in harmony with the laws of the universe.  To nourish the soul & cultivate balance within.  Committed to health & wellbeing in order to offer our community a peaceful place to practice & study yoga.  To develop the art of awareness, stillness, inner freedom & self mastery.  Working to expand beyond limitation through the act of conscience presence.  Ultimately living a life of fulfillment, graced with peace, love & the joy of purpose.

About Us


Karen Burge

Has always been an honest soul in the search for peace.  With a deep love & compassion for animals & a profound respect for the beauty & power of nature.  Lake Havasu, Arizona became her home in 2007.  She moved here from California to build her own Wedding Cake Business.  As the business grew, so did the level of stress in her daily life.  Karen has always enjoyed exercise... walking, biking, & hiking to keep fit & to manage the stress of owning a business.  There was however another exercise that brought her to where she is today, Co-Owner of The Study Yoga Studio.  She discovered yoga is more than just another form of exercise, it's a lifestyle.  Yoga strengthens & tones the body beautifully, yet the benefits go beyond.   Helping one to manage the mind and empower the spirit.  Desiring more understanding of the benefits & history of yoga, she enrolled in a Teacher Training program.  This brought to her a strong desire to share the knowledge & benefits of yoga with others.  "This practice promotes healthy & positive habits to live by. You learn how to take care of you.  Your heart.  Your mind.  Your spirit."

To book a Private Yoga Session, 

Karen can be reached at 951)314-3972


Ali Mae

Is an awakened soul dedicated to the art of practice & prayer.  Her life thrives in the lila (divine play) of nature.  She discovered the great power of Yoga in Rishikesh India, where her body & spirit consciously merged with the divine in the sacred river of Ma Ganga.  Passionately devoted to self love ever since, as a life healing, empowering & transformative resource.  Ali knew her whole heart was in when her entire world shape shifted during the 6 months of Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Ojai California.  Her occupation, home, circle of friends, and the State of origin in which she lived all fell away.  Choosing to trust as new doors of opportunity opened one after another.  She is now Co-Owner with her mother Karen Burge at The Study Yoga Studio in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  Offering a rich, authentic teaching style influenced by her travels to Thailand, Cambodia, Teotihuacan Mexico, India & Peru.  Ali has a wealth of life experience & a profound calling to serve as a teacher of the sacred science of Yoga.

To book a Private Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga 

or Reiki Energy Session, 

Ali can be reached at 928)706-3921