Upcoming Workshop


Reiki Level 1 Course - Sunday, October 6th 9am - 4pm

Reiki is the art of spiritually guided Life-Force energy.  

A beautiful self love practice that will create more gratitude and compassion in your life, for yourself and others.  

You'll feel calmer, more balanced & connected to spirit. Your intuition will grow stronger, guiding you towards choices that align with your life purpose.  After completing Reiki level 1 you’ll have the ability to give yourself Reiki sessions every day, contributing to your own healing. You’ll also be able to use Reiki energy on your food, your home, family, friends, plants & animals.  Reiki is a tremendous gift that you'll have in the palm of your hands everywhere you go for the rest of your life.   


This Level 1 Reiki Course for $108 includes:

A Reiki Level 1 Manual & Your Reiki Level 1 Certificate 

Sunday, October 6th

9am-10am  Gentle Restorative Yoga Class

Infused with Reiki Energy & Sound Healing

10am-10:30am - Break for Yogi Tea

10:30am-12:30pm  Receive a Reiki Level 1 Reju (Attunement)

12:30pm -1pm  Break for Vegetarian Lunch (provided by the host)                     

1pm-3pm Practice your Reiki Symbol; Practice Reiki Self Healing; Practice Reiki Healing on others in a professional setting

3pm-4pm Closing Circle

For more information & to sign up for this course please call

The Study Yoga Studio (928)706-3921